Outlining limitations of blocking orders

February 2021 has borne witness to a standoff between Twitter India and the Modi Government. In the backdrop of a six-month-long farmers’ protest which has garnered both national and international support, the Indian Government issued blocking orders for Twitter to remove over 250 accounts linked to the farmer’s protest that were considered a threat to public order. At first, Twitter complied with the order, but within a few hours unblocked the accounts. This led to the government issuing a non-compliance order to Twitter which threatened to impose fines and imprison Twitter executives for up to seven years. As a result…

September 2019-August 2020

By: Adam Holland, Andromeda Yelton, and Chris Bavitz


September 2019 through the end of August 2020 marked the first year in which Lumen operated with a generous supporting grant from the Arcadia Fund. During that year, the project’s primary objectives fell within three themes: (1) technical improvements to the Lumen site and database; (2) expanding research opportunities, both internal and external; and (3) outreach, both to possible new notice-submitters and to the various constituencies of the Lumen user community. …

Lumen Database Team

Collecting and facilitating research on requests to remove online material. Visit lumendatabase.org and email us if you have questions.

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